Michigan Tech TechFit

Please note that the time to redeem your 2015 TechFit is just about to expire.

Punch card rates are 6 classes for $36; 10 classes for $50; 20 classes for $90 – each additional class added with TechFit after $90 is $5/class.

Explanation of TechFit from the MTU TechFit Website:

TechFit Program

TechFit provides employees, retirees of Michigan Tech, and their dependents with a monetary supplement towards an eligible wellness program:

  • $150.00 each calendar year for benefit eligible employees and retirees of Michigan Tech.
  • $100.00 for all (not each) dependents per calendar year. Dependents include spouse and children that are eligible dependents for healthcare.

TechFit guidelines:

  • It must be an organized class.
  • Organized fitness memberships and programs must be a minimum of six weeks.
  • A minimum of six punches for an organized class or access to fitness center.
  • The organization you choose must be willing to bill Michigan Tech directly for your fee. Individuals will not be reimbursed directly. Organizations may bill on a per class basis until the individual maximum is met.

You can find your TechFit M# and more information here as well:  http://www.mtu.edu/hr/current/benefits/wellness/techfit/


Please click here to print your TechFit form: techfit-form


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