HOLIDAY HUSTLE Challenge 2015

holiday hustle challenge

Details for the HOLIDAY HUSTLE FITNESS CHALLENGE – Based on your survey results (26 friends and 1 crazy person took the survey).

1st – The challenge will be for the INDIVIDUAL.

*It was close, but 50% of you chose to do this individually and 35% said on a team.  The other responses were ‘OTHER’ and one said they’d like to do the challenge “in a thong”.  Interesting.  We can consider TEAMS during the spring challenge and perhaps, a thong – or not.

2nd – The challenge will last 8 weeks.

Chosen by 55% of you – 8 weeks is a great amount of time to get into the habit of making healthier, life-long choices during a challenge.  That means if we are starting now (end of November), we will aim to set an end of for the mid- to end of January.

3rd – The cost is $10 to enter.

The anonymous survey responded who wanted to wear a thong, asked if they could pay in gum – probably not this year.

4th – You have chosen that the winner will split the jackpot with the nonprofit Glitter in Gold to fund childhood cancer research.

5th – You have AWESOME ideas for the challenge.  I’ll be using some of them!  Including have some great prizes for those who do not necessarily win 1st place. 🙂

***This year, we did not do our annual Yoopers vs. Boston – Glitter in Gold Challenge.  This is a great way for us to keep the tradition alive of doing a challenge to make healthier, lifestyle changes while being motivated for ourselves and by the children who have to fight.

STARTS: NOW! (weigh in/measurement before)

ENDS: Mid- to End- of January.

1.) Between now and this Saturday, please arrange a time to meet with Royale or Bobbie (before/after class would work best) to get your starting weight and measurements.  (Your numbers are private!)

2.) Pay $10 registration fee.

3.) Half of all registration fees will be donated to GLITTER IN GOLD, the nonprofit established in Mchalie’s name. All funds from GIG will given towards a childhood cancer research facility as a part of our mission to find a cure.

4.) Spend the next nearly 8 weeks getting your your booty into gear! Stay on top of working out/being active, eating healthy, drinking water, etc. We will help you out with this part.  We will have a private Facebook group.

5.) At the end of the “8” weeks, weight and measurements will be taken again.The person with the largest combined weight lost percentage and inches lost percentage wins the jackpot cash (50% of total registration fees)!!!!

6.) This is an individual competition, but we will also have some other surprise prizes! 




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