Magic of Kombucha

What is Kombucha?

I was introduced to Kombucha by our friends, Amy & Jill.

I was even lucky enough to have Kombucha made by Amy!

Many health benefits and it replaced the fizz I craved from my former addiction to Diet Coke.

Rather than rewrite what others have already written, follow the link above for a great infographic and article about kombucha.

Where can you find Kombucha locally?  At our local store, Pat’s Foods in Calumet.  It’s right next to the Orange Juice in the deli area.  Or, you can try a new adventure and make your own Kombucha.


photo 1 (13) photo 2 (9) copy photo 3 (10)




One thought on “Magic of Kombucha

  1. Pat’s also has a newer brand (made in Door County Wisconsin) by the organic produce. Jim’s in Houghton has a great selection. And, of course, the Keweenaw Co-op in Hancock, which is where I first started loving it. Save your bottles for me, everyone! LOVE!

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