Bikini Buddy Challenge 2015


A little friendly competition and a way to kick start/continue your journey to health…

No, you don’t have to wear a bikini – it’s just a name. 😉

Challenge Details:

1.) Find a partner to create a team (or sign up, and I will find you a partner.)

2.) In early April, please arrange a time to meet with me (before/after class would work best) to get your starting weight and measurements.  (Your numbers are private.)

3.) Pay $10 registration fee at time of signing up ($20/team).  (Please do this right away, because it gets too confusing to have people pay at a later time.)

4.) Spend the next 6 – 8 weeks getting your your booty into gear! Stay on top of working out/being active, eating healthy, drinking water, etc. (See requirements below.)

5.) At the end of the challenge, weight and measurements will be taken again. The TEAM with the largest combined weight AND inches lost percentage wins the jackpot (100% of total registration fees)!

6.) This is a TEAM competition, so it will be very important to keep yourself and your buddy motivated.

7.)  Those in the challenge will be added to a private Facebook page for extra tips and motivation.

8.) End date is tentatively mid-May-ish,.

9.) HAVE FUN getting fit.

10.) Make sure you set some new goals during the “competition” that can become life-long changes for your health.



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