2015 Motto: YOU are worth it!

2015youareworthitThis post isn’t about attending a Zumba class – even mine.

This post is about what I hear (frequently) about why people are not working out and taking care of themselves.

This post is for YOU.

“I just don’t have time to workout.”

I understand., and I could list all of the reasons why we are all so busy.

Realistically, MOST of those reasons would lead to one common theme: We are too busy to take care of our ourselves, because we are too busy taking care of others.

Whatever taking care of others looks like in your life (home, work, both, etc.), it is one of the easiest ways to allow our minds believe that our health and well-being are not a priority.

I’m asking you to consider a big SHIFT in the way you have trained yourself to think – perhaps a way of thinking you have used for many years.

Maybe there isn’t any other way to really share what I want to say without getting a bit personal.

Which makes me feel a bit vulnerable, but I will share my personal experience with shifting my way of thinking.

After Mchalie, I gave every minute I could to her.

I felt guilty if I was away from her.

She was a year old, and I was still tired and feeling unwell.

Dragging.  That’s how I felt.  Just like I was dragging.

Every day was a struggle.

I was sleep deprived with a very active baby, and I was back to work full-time 2 months after her birth.  I loved life, but I was TIRED!  Everything was harder to enjoy.  I would drink a coffee in the mornings and Diet Coke at night.  I craved carbohydrates (bad ones) and sugars to give me a temporary boost of energy, and I craved the next meal, because I knew that’s where my next burst of energy would come from (a temporary boost).  Frequently, I was fighting a sore throat or sinus-like infection.

I was not taking care of myself.

For my personal health, I was on a very destructive path.

I was having a hard time doing basic, daily tasks.  I wasn’t working out, and I was looking to food (the wrong food) for energy.

It was a bad cycle that I couldn’t escape from.

I wasn’t feeling great about myself, either.  I was hanging on to some extra weight from the pregnancy, too.  The weight is part of this, but it is not ALL of this; however, it is the reason why I decided to join my mother-in-law at a fitness class (yes, Zumba).

Vanity.  Vanity was my original motivator.

I wasn’t thinking about my long-term well-being.  I wasn’t thinking about my daily struggles with energy, and I was thinking, “I want to look good in my pre-pregnancy pants.”

I had trained myself to diet to get to a weight I wanted.  I had not trained myself to shift my thinking to my ultimate health and well-being and how I FELT.

After becoming a Zumba instructor – in hopes to lose the last of the “baby weight” – somewhere along the way, my mind started to shift.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that an hour away from Mchalie to work out did not have to make me feel like a horrible mother.  In fact, suddenly, I had more energy (a lot more energy).  I wasn’t almost falling asleep during the day.  I wasn’t getting every illness that went around.  I felt strong and energetic.  I had a lot more energy for Mchalie, too.  Somewhere along the way, I felt better and became more available for Mchalie.

In fact, I became more enjoyable to be around.

Of course, as some of you reading this know, our journey took an unexpected turn with Mchalie’s cancer diagnosis.  I can whole-heartedly tell you that my physical well-being led to a lot of personal strength and emotional strength during the hardest time of our lives.

I know that Mchalie deserves my best.  Time away to workout several times a week, gives me many more hours of health and wellness to take care of her to my best ability.

At times on this journey, I have not been able to leave her side.  As soon as I start not being able to physically take care of myself, my emotional well-being and ability to take care of her changes.  It becomes harder, and I have to work really hard not to slip into bad, old habits.  I have to work really hard not to slip back into that old cycle.

I shared a bit of my personal journey, because I understand the struggle.

I understand the self-talk that happens in your mind.  Even if you are busy, taking care of yourself is a priority.  It is not selfish.

As our days are surrounded by health concerns and witnessing others, even Mchalie, trying to find any moment where she can feel well enough to do some of the basic, daily tasks we often take for granted, the perspective shift becomes easier – I am worth it.  Taking care of ourselves is an honor and testament to those who would love a moment of health.

While we continue to remember to use our 2014 motto: Do all things with love.

We can remember to love ourselves, too.

YOU are worth it!  Our 2015 motto.

Thanks for reading, and please use the hashtag #iamworthit (if you’re a hashtag user) and check out our Miles for Me Challenge (#milesforme).




2 thoughts on “2015 Motto: YOU are worth it!

  1. I just discovered that there is Zumba in Calumet – YAY – and then your blog. This was beautiful; thank you so much for sharing your journey.

    I would echo what you said. You *are* worth it. And truly nourishing self-care (whatever that looks like to you) is one of the most selfless things we can do. I know from my own experience that when I am depleted, I may still take care of other people, but it starts to come from a place of resentment. When I am full (or more full, because sometimes it takes a long time to fill a depleted well), I can see the ripple of care + love + kindness spilling outward.

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