Glitter in Gold 2014 ANNOUNCEMENTS (Part 1)

This year’s Glitter in Gold Challenge results made me cry.

Don’t worry – it was a happy cry.

As I calculated the results, I thought about each of you and how long you have been on this journey to health with me.

Most of you have been with me for months – if not years (yes, I said years!  2015 marks 1/2 a decade!)  That means, as a whole, there wasn’t a lot of weight to be lost, but you did so amazing!

Most importantly, you are doing this journey the right way – realistically and healthy, so it’s a FOREVER change and shift in your thoughts to the importance of taking care of your body and not focusing on the number on the scale.

The results this year, speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, I was barely able to kick off the challenge, because Mchalie’s health issues were on a slippery slide; I ended up being away for the majority of the competition, but I want to THANK Bobbie Jo for EVERYTHING!



The GRAND PRIZE WINNER is from Boston; Stefanie will be posting their totals in her blog.  We didn’t take the cash prize this year, but we still have a chance to keep the trophy (as the overall winning team)…we will find out soon.

26 Yoopers joined the challenge.

15 Yoopers weighed and measured back in.

For the Yooper portion: 26 x $15 = $390 (1/2 to research – $195 and 1/2 to the winners – $195)

The 15 people who weighed back in lost a total of: 37.6 lbs.

They lost a total of 83.75 inches!

The top losses for the Yoopers were:

1. Heather N. (-8.54%)

2. Gina E.

3. Amy M.

4. Madeline

5. Jill

I am so proud of you!

Thank you for helping fund the fight against childhood cancer.

Congratulations, also, to Kristen R. who only missed 1 class.  She receives $50 shopping credit for Zumba gear.

(Part 2 of this post will add in Stefanie’s totals and the final amounts to be donated to Glitter in Gold – AND the overall winner and team winner!)









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