2014: Do All Things with Love

Dear Zumba Family,

2014: Do all things with love.

If you chose to make a resolution to be a healthier you this year, please think about making long-term changes for your life.

Learn more about what truly fuels your body – and slowly start making those foods for you and your family. (Pinterest is full of amazing ideas! Easy, fast, and ways to keep it cheap.)

Experience and find ways to burn calories that YOU love and find fun.

Most importantly, remember that YOU can take care of others to a different level when you take care of you. Never feel guilty for taking time for you. You’ll inspire others to try new healthy habits as well.

Last, don’t focus on the number on the scale – know it has value but taking the focus off the number will lead you to better long-term results. There’s nothing wrong with using a scale, BUT, I promise if you focus on wanting to feel better and full of energy, it’s simple: eat better and burn more calories doing something you love. The weight you want will come – not overnight, but it will come.

I struggled with my weight since college. I would bounce up and down with my weight.

I gained 55 pounds when I was pregnant with Mchalie, and the last 20 pounds were stuck.

I started this journey to lose weight.

I am continuing this journey thinking about health.

I have found something I love to burn calories – Zumba.

And, I eat completely different most of the time than I ever have. (Shop the outskirts of the grocery store and focus on eating making real food. But, yes, I have bad days, too.)

I’ve never taken a supplement or a diet aide, because I’m afraid of the side effects and potential health issues for a promise to reach a desired look.

I hope to see you in 2014.



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