2013 Glitter in Gold … Winners

46 Yoopers joined the Glitter in Gold Challenge.

33 Boston friends joined the Glitter in Gold Challenge.

$1,185 total was raised.  50% went to the challenge winner, and 50% went to childhood cancer research.

One person could not join the challenge, but they wanted $15 donated to the research cause.

$592.50 goes to the winner and $607.50 goes to research for childhood cancer.

To say that we had an amazing response to our idea is an understatement. Stefanie and I are ecstatic with the response, and we agree to make this an annual event.

With that said, by a slim margin, congratulations to Julie Giachino of the Yoopers who won the jackpot of $570 with a weight and inches loss percentage of 15.98%.  She narrowly beat out a Boston friend who weighed and measured in at 15.92%.

And drumroll, please….the trophy this year goes to … DA YOOPERS!  We did an average of percentages lost and the total was 1% higher for the Yooper team this year.  The Glitter in Gold trophy will be with the Yoopers this year.

Out of the 25 participants (that weighed and measured back in), 16 lost more than 5% of their total weight and inches.

The 25 participants that weighed back in lost a total of 101.6 pounds.

The 25 participants that measured lost 218.75 inches.

The 25 participants collectively attended Zumba with Royale 289 times total.

I’m excited to say, that on average, there was a strong correlation between the total percentage lost and the total times that a person attended Zumba.

Congratulations to Jean and Andrea who both attended 22 times for a $50 Zumba clothes shopping credit. 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH for spreading awareness about childhood cancer.  What an amazing way to take care of yourself AND raise awareness.  I am SO proud of each of you.


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