Zumba Swag ;)

If you love having your Zumba gear ready for Zumba class, I have previous deals you can’t beat from the Thanksgiving sale and these new items that just arrived…

392550_637836162908801_1014321281_n *Anyone who makes a purchase at Monday’s class can buy as many of these t-shirts that they’d like for only $5/shirt!

I was limited in what I could get, so you will notice that I only have 1 of most items in a particular size that was available.

P.S. Zumba has new sizing as well!  🙂  Feel free to visit Zumba.com to see the new sizing chart.  You can also try on clothes at class.


Fringetastic Tassel Satchel. Bigger than it appears to fit your Zumba gear and with a magnetic closure and zip-up pocket inside. 8″ d; 16″ w; 25″ bottom to handle. An all over dot print with contrast stitching and color blocked handle with tassels. $40 on Zumba.com ~ almost 50% off in class!


Already Torn Long Sleeve in color Wild Dove!  I have a S, M, and a Large, but I don’t know if the small will be in class. 😉

Retail on Zumba.com: $42!  Price will be drastically discounted in class!  This is perfect for layering over the rest of your Zumba gear for the warm up.


I could only get a Medium and an XL, and I’m so sad because I would definitely be stealing the small!  Same shirt as above but in the color Cut N Paste.


I was only able to get a small (2) in the pink elegance hoodies.


I was only able to get one, and it’s a size large (might actually be men’s sizing), but I love it!  It’s even partially lined (brushed cotton and Berber fleece add comfort and warmth).  It has the signature Zumba logo on the back and it’s a loose, comfortable fit.


1 Large and 1 XL.


1 M and 1 L.  (I have this one, and I love it.)


A package of towels – you may buy the package (2) or buy one.



Torn Apart Top – Size Medium (bought these for myself but with the new sizing they’re too big)


Best sweats ever!  I have one in each size, but I think one pair may be missing.  🙂

photo-35 photo-36

Groove for the Cure ~ This year’s Party in Pink t-shirt.


Size Small – 1 pair.


1 S, 1 M, 1 L, and 1 XL  (Back also has a purple, glitter-like Zumba logo)


1 in Large

photo-43 photo-41

1 in Large


M & L


Only 1 in XL


Cut Me Loose Headliner – 1 in XL


Zumba – Yoga-like pants –  M, L, XL –


Cut Me Loose Bubble Top – 1 in XS/S and 1 in M/L


1 in XS/S and 1 in M/L




S and M


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