Boston versus Yoopers ~ Glitter in Gold ~ 2013 Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?

A challenge for your journey to health …

A chance to keep focused on healthier choices during the holidays…

A challenge to raise awareness about childhood cancer…

A chance to have fun with a little friendly competition … and of course, to GLITTER IN GOLD!

Boston versus Yoopers

Glitter in Gold (#GIGchallenge)

Stefanie and I have a great desire to make a positive impact on raising awareness and funding for childhood cancer.

We have created a Glitter in Gold campaign to help end this awful disease in honor of Mchalie’s battle.

We are combining our passion to help find a cure for childhood cancer and our passion to inspire people to a journey of health with our new challenge: Boston versus Yoopers ~ Glitter in Gold.

***Please note that Stefanie and I are passionate about focusing on healthy choices and a healthy journey.  That is why we are combining the weight loss percentage with the inches lost percentage.  We have also included a participation portion for a chance to win Zumba gear as well.

Challenge Details:

1.) During the first week of November, please arrange a time to meet with Royale or Stefanie (before/after class would work best) to get your starting weight and measurements.  (Your numbers are private.)

2.) Pay $15 registration fee at time of signing up.

3.) Half of all registration fees will be donated to a childhood cancer research facility as a part of our mission to GLITTER IN GOLD.  (At this time, we are going to speak with the University of Michigan – Mott’s Children’s Hospital to possibly make the donation to Mchalie’s treatment center for research, or we will choose an organization like St. Baldrick’s or CureSearch.)

4.) Spend the next 6 weeks getting your your booty into gear! Stay on top of working out/being active, eating healthy, drinking water, etc. (See requirements below.)

5.) At the end of the 6 weeks, weight and measurements will be taken again. The person with the largest combined weight lost percentage and inches lost percentage wins the jackpot (50% of total registration fees)!

6.) This is an individual competition, but we are also going to do a grand total (percentage weight and inches lost) for Boston versus Yoopers.  The winning team will earn bragging rights as the 2013 Glitter in Gold: Boston vs. Yooper Challenge Champions.  A GLITTER IN GOLD trophy will also go to the winning team’s location.  The losing team will participate in some sort of video (optional and details to follow soon.)

7.) But wait! There is 1 other prize as well!

–The person (1 from Boston and 1 from the U.P.) who displays the most dedication, participation, and support wins free Zumba®wear credit.

8.)  We would love to have those who participate in our fitness classes (Zumba, etc.) to join this challenge, but you do not have to in order to join this challenge.  At the end of the day, the more participation we get means greater awareness for childhood cancer and healthier friends in our communities.  What a win-win!  🙂

9.)  Of course, we will add more fun things during this 6 week challenge!

10.)  A secret/private Facebook Page will be created by Royale and Stefanie for all our challenge participants in order to help you have the most successful experience possible.

Thank you so much!  I will have a pre-registration sheet at Zumba until November classes begin.



Royale (and Stefanie)



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