Laurium Ballroom & Construction…

Laurium is crazy with construction, and the street in front of the Laurium Ballroom is now in the process of being redone.

However, there is a still a sidewalk to get into the ballroom at this time.

Some people were parking on Kearsarge Street or the Toni’s Pasties parking lot and walking over to the ballroom.  There are a couple of spaces in the ballroom parking lot open as well.

Tonight, it was a little confusing for people to get into the building tonight, so we did a photo shoot to show you how easy it is to get in!  🙂

Coming from the parking lot…

ImageImageSneaking from Toni’s Pasties on the other side (don’t mind the post-class, red face!)ImageImageBe careful but we will have the door open to the fire escape.

ImageIf you are brave, you can do the LIMBO up the stairs.  🙂 P.S.  You obviously never want me to do a photo shoot!  Image


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