Zumba Swag (Zwag) Summer Contest

Oooooh, we all love a contest!

We all love prizes.

So, let’s do both!

Open to all Zumba with Royale, Bobbie Jo, and Kelsey participants!

Zumba Swag = Zwag.

The majority of you have some form of Zumba gear – a headband, a bag, a tank top, pants, a sock…zwag.

So, what is the new contest?

For SUMMER, you need to get creative and send me a picture of yourself with Zumba gear or just Zumba gear in your picture.

So, you need a camera – even if it’s just on your phone.

What kind of picture do you take?

Well, I have a LOT of ideas about pictures you could send for the contest, but I want creativity!

(So – I don’t want to say a lot.)

I’m thinking beaches, mountains, hikes, sunsets, water, alone, or not alone, you can be in the picture, it can be just the gear in the picture … Zumba “gear” of some sort must be in the picture.

If you want to climb to the top of the mountain just to take a picture …

Get creative!  Get outdoors!  Have fun!  (Be safe – nothing too crazy.)

Then, email me the picture: zumbawithroyale@gmail.com … or send it in a private message to Facebook.

I’m so excited to see your photos!

STARTS NOW and ends – end of August-ish.

I will share the pictures in our blog at the end of the contest and announce winners!

Ready.  Set. Click. Click!





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