JUNE 2013 Schedule

Happy June!

I am excited to announce that we will continue our regular schedule through June – as well as add classes in the morning (like last summer).

***There is some construction going on in Laurium near the ballroom, but I will let everyone know if/when we need to make any changes (entrances, parking, or locations) for any reason.  (When you come to the Laurium Ballroom right now, it is easiest to turn on Depot or School Street to get to class.)***

Laurium Schedule for June:
~Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6:15 P.M.
~Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 10 A.M. (starting Tuesday, June 4th and Thursday, June 6th ).
~Saturdays @ 11 (Please note the FREE Demo/Class this Saturday in Lake Linden Park at noon, so we will not be in the ballroom.)
~Sundays @ 4:30. (NO class on Father’s Day – the 16th.)

Hancock will continue on Wednesday nights @ 6 P.M.  (For June, we may be able to keep the Barkell Elementary gym for these classes.  I will let you know if we have to move.)

Please remember that our Relay Zumbathon is on Friday, June 28th from 10 – midnight at Houghton High School!  3rd Annual!

*I really need to see how the new locations work in the summer.  I promise to look into making changes if we need to.

Zumba love,



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