Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Mchalie’s hair is starting to thin again.  They (her team at U of M) are sure that this time (very soon) it will finally go.  We have tried to prepare her the best we can, and it weighs heavily on her mind.  Mchalie has always (previous to her diagnosis) had very long hair with ringlets.  She has always loved having long hair, as she says, “Like a princess.”  We have discussed how she is a beautiful princess, with or without her hair, but you can imagine that it is hard for a 4 year old to understand.

I have told her that I will cut my hair with her – that I would make my hair look just like hers.  She refuses.  She wants me to have brown hair just like her, but as of right now, she doesn’t want me to cut my hair.  In some ways, I think I understand why.  Right now, to look at me every day with short hair (or none at all) would be a constant reminder that her hair was/is going/gone, too.  It would be a constant reminder of her battle without the mirror.  Yet, if she chooses that she would like me to cut my hair – it’s gone.

When I heard about Sarah Winquist’s story, I started to cry.

She heard about Mchalie’s diagnosis and the battle she would face, and she made the decision that she needed to do something to raise awareness about and money for research to cure pediatric cancer.

Sarah is now a St. Baldrick’s Paricipant, and she is shaving all of her hair tomorrow in honor of Mchalie’s battle – and the battle all children with cancer face.  She is showing them that bald really is beautiful.

Sarah is raising a lot of awareness and money for pediatric cancer research.  St. Baldrick’s is an amazing organization, and the money they raise REALLY goes for research.

If her name sounds familiar, it is because she is a local Calumet High School graduate and her mom is a fellow Zumba fanatic and friend, Debbie Winquist.

Sarah is doing one of the most selfless acts of love.  What a beautiful person – inside and out.  Words can not truly express what her actions mean to us.

If you have time, please check out Sarah’s page and please consider making a donation.




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