Banana Ice Cream

Why didn’t I think of this guilt-free summer (or anytime) snack!

Mchalie is famous for eating part of her banana and handing the rest to me, or once in a while, we have a few bananas that end up too ripe.

I started taking what was left of Mchalie’s banana (or the too ripe bananas) and slicing them, followed by putting them in the freezer (I would wait at least 2 hours before using them.)

Tonight, I finally had enough to put all of the frozen slices in the Vitamix (food processor) until it was smooth.

It was so good!

I know that a lot of people add ingredients (but you don’t have to), so I tried one small scoop of peanut butter, because I still needed some protein for my total daily value.

You may also add berries, nuts, dark chocolate, etc.

The skies the limit when it comes to banana ice cream!  And you don’t even have to feel guilty about this cool summer snack! 

(Summer will come, dear Yooper friends; it will come!)



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