Self Conscious?

Maybe you thought this post was going to be about feeling self conscious during a Zumba class (or any fitness class).

It isn’t.

(Plus, trust me when I tell you, it is highly unlikely that anyone at Zumba has the time to watch you and make any comments about your dancing.  And, if they do, they sure are not getting the best workout they can – and they need to refocus their energy on positive and good things.)

Ultimately, Zumba is literally exercise in disguise.

But as you increasingly become a Z fanatic, this post is about being and becoming “conscious” about your movements.

Okay, conscious movement is not always easy – especially on a song that is new (and maybe the tempo is faster) or if you are new to Zumba, but eventually, you will know the song very well or well enough (you know, the … oh my gosh … not this song again … thought that flutters through your mind) and you now have the time to make your moves very efficient for the very best workout possible.

How do you amp up your workout with conscious movements?

There are so many ways to “cheat” a song.  Once you know it, it is especially easy to go through the motions, so to speak and do the dance somewhat mindlessly.  So what you want to do is to remind yourself to maintain CONSCIOUS movements. 

Questions to run thought your mind for conscious movements: Am I standing up tall (posture – shoulders back and abs in)?  Are my arm movements as large as they can be (full movements)?  Are my moves crisp and sharp (as if others had to follow you)?  The instructor is starting with an “easier” version of the movements that will repeat for those who need low impact or are new to the class, but am I ready and able to go to the “harder” level as the instructor works the rest of the crowd to get there?  Are my arms higher than my heart?  Could they be higher than my heart (better workout)?  Could I “sit” lower in a squat-like position (bend my knees lower but still not let my knees pass my toes to keep proper form)?  Am I doing movements “through my shoe laces” (not on my toes or rock off my heels)?

The great thing about Zumba Fitness is that many movements repeat in the various genres of songs, so even if the song is new, the movements will likely be familiar.

When you are aware and conscious of your movements, not only will you burn more calories and get a better workout, but you will also be much less likely to injure yourself as well.

There is no need to feel self conscious.

Let loose and have fun!  And rock those conscious movements for a more efficient dance party!



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