ARMS – Adding or Decreasing Intensity & Difficulty

When you first begin Zumba, all of the moves can be a little overwhelming.  (Please read a previous blog where most participants have told me the 3rd time was the trick!)  Even when a new song is added, it can feel a bit overwhelming. 

If everything feels too new (just starting Zumba or the instructor adds a new song), skip the arm movements….and watch the instructor’s legs.  Trust me – as times goes on – you will add the arms as you become comfortable (and it won’t be long).

There are simple ways to ADD intensity and difficultly – add arms and attempt to keep them above your heart. 

There is an easy way to DECREASE the intensity and difficulty – take away/do not do the arm movements and/or keep the arm movements lower than your heart.

But, wait, you want toned arms.

Do you have to get on the floor and do push ups to get them? 

Absolutely not.

How do you tone your arms without weights?  You become conscious of your every arm movement.

Think that your arms have to be crisp.  Imagine other people having to follow your moves. If you didn’t concentrate on your arms, you may let them get too relaxed.  Imagine that you are on the stage (or up front) and people have to follow your arms.  You have to be mindful of what your arms are doing.

Again, to INCREASE intensity – think CRISP and keep the arms ABOVE your heart.

And to DECREASE intensity – let the arms drop BELOW your heart (or add the arm movements when you are ready).

*Please note: Weight training is very beneficial as well.


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