2013 Survey Results – Laurium Ballroom (New Location) & Satisfaction

WARNING: This is a little long!

First of all, thank you so much for taking time to finish the survey and read these results.  I know I have been able to make various improvements because of your feedback.  After all, this is ultimately about YOU.  At this time, more than 40 people have taken the new survey.

Please know that all of these responses are coming from a place of … “I want you to get the best workout for YOU!”

Responses to the survey:

  • For safety reasons, PLEASE keep water bottles off the dance floor.  I had several comments about this issue.  My apologies that I did not notice.
  • Please know that I sincerely care about each person that comes to class.  This is more than a “hobby.”  It is a passion.  In some of our trainings, it was recommended that we “rotate” the rows.  I have thought about this, but I know that many people are dancing where they are comfortable. 
  • I completely understand that convenience can be an issue.  Whatever works for you!  I feel blessed to have found a passion and shared it with others and watched it spread. 
  • A couple of people mentioned that the Laurium Ballroom is a bit crowded.  Please know that I anticipate we will have gym times (Calumet and Hancock) again, but I do plan to continue to utilize the beautiful space in Laurium as well.  I think if I look at how people are spaced, we should be able to fit a nice-sized crowd – but not as large as the gym.
  • Many of you mentioned that work, family obligations, and location are the reasons why you can not attend more.  Winter driving was also an issue.  Also, being away for a while made it harder to start again.
  • The majority of you thought the pricing is fair, but you loved the idea of monthly pass.  I will DEFINITELY use my new idea for a monthly pass in the near future.
  •  Please don’t skip out on coming to Zumba due to money.  Talk to me!  🙂
  • I chose the prices for classes due to rental prices, custodial prices, continuation of training, monthly fees, insurance, music licensing, marketing, speaker systems, music costs, time, etc.
  • At this time, I can not change the Hancock time or location – on Wednesday the school gym in Hancock is used before we arrive, and after we leave, the school is closed.  However, I will be adding a survey for times/location coming up – just to see what people would like.  Summer is coming!
  • Even though some people had some issues with the Laurium Ballroom, a lot of you like the privacy and feeling of our “own” space.  The stage was also mentioned as a big plus!  Of course, Calumet’s “big” gym and the Hancock locations were also popular.
  • Some people mentioned parking in Laurium as a potential issue.  Please note that you can park next to the building and also on the street.  And Toni’s Pasty/Dentist is closed (when we are dancing), and I believe they would not mind if we parked there at night (then, you can walk around the corner from the lot or behind the police station.)
  • Some people mentioned the Laurium Ballroom is cold – some people said they liked it and some people said they did not.  I/we get there early to turn the heat up.  Sorry that it is too cool.  I know it would cost too much for them to heat the ballroom when we were not there.  It was really a matter of having a space or not having a space.
  • I am so sorry that we are “locked in” after 15 minutes.  It is actually for our protection.  I can have the key in a different location if it would make people more comfortable (near the back?).  The fire escape is open and accessible in case of an emergency.
  • I wish there were more bathrooms in the Laurium Ballroom, but I was excited we had one.  In a lot of locations I looked at (in the past), the bathroom location would have been an issue.
  • The Laurium Ballroom floor will be cleaned.  🙂
  • The Laurium Ballroom lights – I will look into adding something to make the space a little brighter for winter evenings.
  • People enjoyed the rotation of the songs.  90% said they liked how often songs were rotated.  (Under other circumstances, they would have been/would be rotated slightly more.)
  • The majority of you were very happy with the song selections.  Someone mentioned that they are really tired of “Follow the Leader” and thought others were as well … I did bring it back due to a request. 
  • Some mentioned that if there was a move that felt too easy or too hard – you improvised for yourself!  Yay!  That is exactly what it is all about! 
  • 33 people were satisfied with the intensity of the class.
  • 3 people wanted more intensity.
  • Some people asked me why they felt like the class is “easier” right now.  There are several factors:
  1. I was away for 2 months and had to ease myself back into teaching.  If it were not for Bobbie Jo and Kelsey, I do not know if I could have come back (right now).  They eased me into it and convinced me that dancing would help me through this.
  2. The Laurium Ballroom is cooler.  Cooler means that it takes longer to work up a sweat, which means the class may “feel” less intense than say a hot gym or summer day.
  3. There is less space in the ballroom than in the gym (Calumet and Hancock).  This means (remember the “wide and low video” I posted a couple of times about engaging your muscles) you have to modify to get a “better” workout.
  4. I am following the format for a playlist that is best for your workout according to science and research.  It is proven that an up-down effect is best for your workout.
  • There was a comment that my class is for beginners only.  No, it isn’t for beginners – it is for EVERYONE.  When Beto founded Zumba, he wanted EVERYONE to be able to go to a class – including the person walking in from the street who had not worked out in a long time or had never been to Zumba.  That is why I “build” on the moves…  You probably notice how the moves increase in intensity throughout the song.  Once you know a song and your limitations, you can go all out and push yourself for the whole song.  Or, if you need to modify to keep it less intense, you can keep the moves from the first rotation.
  • To keep a class more intense, keep your arms above your heart whenever you can.
  • The opposite is true.  If you need a class to be less intense, keep your arms below your heart.
  • If something looks too complicated, just focus on the legs – add your arms later.
  • To make a class more intense get WIDE and get LOW.
  • To keep a class less intense do not get as WIDE and do not go as LOW.

The responses were very helpful.  I truly appreciate  your time and the feedback.  There was even one that was written a little less than in a “kind” manner and did not offer constructive criticism, but you know what, it was truly a positive after I thought about it.

I know that it is going to take a while for me to be back to how I was before things happened. I am giving everything I can at this time.  I really love dancing, and I truly appreciate those of you who understand that I may not be as bubbly or quite as intense as I was before August – and yet you still stand by my side.  Zumba is my hour to attempt to forget everything else (momentarily) and inspire you to dance through the days that are far less than perfect, but it is not easy.  Yet, it is something that is getting me through the most difficult time of my life.

Let’s keep fitness fun!

Zumba love,





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