21 Day Challenge

Tomorrow (Monday), I’m starting a 21 Day Challenge (with myself).

If you want to try this as well, I will have a handout in class.

I’m going to cross off the 21 days as I complete this challenge.

I am not a dietician…and this is just something I want to try.  I know that some of you have expressed wanting to try something along with the challenge.  Remember, please add/change/modify the list in any way you think would benefit you.

There’s nothing wrong (in my opinion) with having SOME of the things below – especially in moderation.  I just want to focus on what I’m putting into my mouth to hydrate and nourish myself in a more positive manner…

Here are my rules for 21 Days (MINUS Thanksgiving – c’mon this can’t be complete torture!):
(Thank you Pinterest for the idea!)

  • No chocolate.
  • No candy.
  • No cookies.
  • No bisquits.
  • No cake, donuts, or muffins.
  • No pastries.
  • No white bread.
  • No chips or processed snacks.
  • No fast food (except healthy options from Subway – or this challenge just won’t work for me!)
  • No peanut butter
  • No ice cream
  • NO RANCH dressing!
  • VERY limited cheese.
  • No pop (Diet Coke).  (I’ve been doing well with this, but I’ve had a few lately.  I don’t want to get back into the habit.)

My plan is to attempt to eat more “clean” during these 21 days.

I want to see how I feel after the 21 days, and then, I will go from there.

Baby steps…………….




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