Update: Dinosaur Laptop NO MORE!

A while back I wrote about a courageous woman named Suzy (cousin of Gina and Ruth).  Suzy is battling ALL.  (Please read older post.)

You probably don’t know Suzy, but that didn’t matter and many of you opened your hearts to make her journey a little easier…

Many of you read that the donations poured in so quickly that Gina was able to purchase 2 iPads (one for Suzy in the hospital and one for the family to Facetime their mom from home ~ since they are 3 hours away and attending school).

Here’s an update from Gina from the Suzy Facebook Page:

“I just got home from a weekend of visiting Suzy. I asked her if I could share a few things with you here and she said, ‘Yes!! I want all those people to know how awesome they are!’ So know that you are Awesome!

Suzy has read a book to her kindergartener using the iPad, tell her kids to get their chores done when she notices that the house is messy, and when we arrived on Friday Suzy was watching her teen try on some new clothes that had been shipped to the house. She has also been using FaceTime to keep in touch with her niece and Goddaughter Jayna, who is also battling cancer.

This weekend was days 9-11 of her chemo treatments and as expected Suzy wasn’t feeling very good. She was able to get out and walk both Friday and Saturday but by this morning she was too sick to get out of bed. She is dealing with a spinal headache that is best managed by lying flat. So for this reason Suzy is really happy to have the lightweight iPad so she can still chat/see her kids without sitting up. Many times she mentioned that even though her kids were not there with her she didn’t feel lonesome because she gets to see them.

Suzy was speechless when she received the additional donations from you. She repeatedly said, ‘I can’t believe all these people would do this for me.’ She is so very grateful. Please continue to hold her in your prayers.”


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