Bikini Buddy Challenge Part II Winners….Are…. (Insert Drumroll)

You didn’t think I’d post the results right here, did you?

I ended the challenge (Bikini Challenge Part II) the day before I flew out to Orlando for the Zumba Convention in late July. When I returned in August, it seemed like it became October in a blink.

Somehow, posting the results took me FOREVER.  I apologize.  There is really no excuse.

I wasn’t sure how many people would be interested in a summer challenge, but many of you asked and there were 23 particpants in the buddy challenge for the summer!  We never found a 24th person, but I donated $5 and made the jackpot a nice even $110 ($55 to be split between the winning buddies – either cash or Zumba clothes credit or Zumba class credit!)

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for (said in my best announcer’s voice)…

The winners of the 2012 Bikini Buddy Challenge – Part 2 are:

Haley F. and Kathy N.


Normally, I would post more totals (pounds and inches lost, etc.) but many people did not weigh back in (13 participants did a final weigh in).

A big shout out to Gina and Ruth who were a close second (1/2 percentage) and Bobbie D. and Melissa O. who were not far behind in 3rd.

Also, a big congratulations to Sheila for some amazing numbers!

P.S. I have a REALLY FUN idea for the next challenge!  (I was washing my hair and BOOM – there was the idea!)

And it costs you…NOTHING (well, almost nothing) to enter!

The prize is really great!  (Well, I’m biased.)

It is an individual competition this time.

Details coming soon!



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