A Mother’s Love…and a Dinosaur Laptop

Below are the words from a secret Facebook event page created by our very own Gina Erickson about her cousin, Suzy Moe,
“Since Suzy was diagnosed with ALL she has been hospitalized undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the U of M in Minneapolis. Her kids have since started school and spend the school week 3 hours away from her. Both times I visited Suzy she mentioned how nice it would be to “FaceTime” her family. She uses Skype right now, but the picture is blurry and it freezes often. She has a laptop, but it is quite old and has a temperamental battery. An iPad would definitely add to her hospital stay as it will allow her to access her music, email, caringbridge page, and give her clear uninterrupted video chats with her children. An ipad costs $500. If you are interested in donating I just opened a pay pal account under my email address, gerickson79@yahoo.com.
I made this a private event as Suzy has a Facebook account and I do not want her to see this. Feel free to invite anyone who would be interested in donating.”
I wish we had the time to host Zumbathons for everyone…but Gina has a fantastic Facebook page and the donations have started coming in (and it was just created!)

Suze is a beautiful mother of 7 children and a loving wife.

Right now, she is in a hospital bed…3 hours from her family…fighting for her life.

She is 35 years old and was recently diagnosed with ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukemia).

She is the cousin of our very own Gina Erickson.

This past weekend, Gina took a road trip to visit her cousin.

As Gina and her friends and family visited with Suzy, they noticed her laptop.  They noticed as Suzy struggled to keep the computer from freezing while she Skyped her children.

Gina had an idea – how wonderful would it be to get an iPad for Suzy!  Even better if she could find a way to get two (one to send home to the kids), so they could FaceTime each other!   She would have the technology to “see” her children – without it freezing!

There is a private event/group on Facebook…raising money so that Suzy can get rid of the dinosaur laptop and be gifted with an iPad!

People have been donating a couple of dollars…and by this afternoon…there was almost $300 towards an iPad!

Zumba Family…I know we can help make this happen.  A couple of dollars.  Even a dollar.  Just go to your PayPal account and you can “gift” an amount to Gina’s email (gerickson79@yahoo.com) in which she has an account ready to purchase the iPad (but I’m crossing my fingers for iPads plural) as soon as possible.

Thank you for your generosity.  Our Zumba family has the largest heart!  Gina did not ask me to do this, and I don’t know Suzy but I can only imagine how hard (what an understatement) to fight cancer AND be away from your family.  My heart and prayers are with her.

Let’s get her an iPad within the week!  Zumba Love.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa




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