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On my “Summer To Do List” was checking out  (or the application – myfitnesspal for the iPhone or iPad). is a free calorie counter, diet, and exercise journal.

Step 1:  Type in and sign up for FREE!  (Seriously, it’s FREE!)

Step 2: Enter some personal information about height, weight, etc.

Step 3:  I received both nutritional and fitness goals from the website.  (If you want to lose weight, they suggest 1 pound a week.)

Step 4:  The website told me how many calories (it’s even broken down into carbs, fat, and protein) I have each day to consume – to reach or maintain – my weight goal.

Step 5:  Enter daily information (what I ate, exercise, water intake, etc.),  AND I can invite people to view and track my journal with me.  (*Note: I had to choose aerobics and enter my calories manually because I couldn’t find Zumba on the exercise list.)

Step 6: Play around with this some more tomorrow…and add some friends! That is a great way to be held more accountable.  🙂


**I’m just starting to try this out, so feel free to try it with me!  Thank you Lynn for sharing this wonderful resource with me/us!





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