Zumba with Royale and The Fitz Present…

I have had such a hard time keeping this plan a secret!

Zumba with Royale and The Fitz Present…

……..Zumba on da Beach, eh!  Eagle River Style!

While we don’t have every detail set in stone, this is going to happen and SOON!

What is it?  2 hours of Zumba on the da Beach, eh!  with Royale. If you choose…followed by drinks and dinner in The Fitz (and staying overnight if some choose).

When is it?  We’re hoping for June (not a weekend and looking for evenings you would like?).  I’m also looking for a time that most of you (the dancers) would like.  I’m hoping later evening.

Anything else?  Yes!  I’ve asked the Fitz to look into making a Zumba on the Beach drink and hosting a special a buffet.  The Fitz also has 11 hotel rooms, and I’m hoping that some will decide to stay overnight.  Hotel rooms have 2 beds.  If you didn’t mind sharing, a room could hold 4.  You don’t have to stay to eat after.

Price for 2 hours of Zumba on da Beach, eh: $10.*  (*Sorry, this special event will not include punchcards.)

If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me as we get the details finalized.  🙂



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