Anonymous Letter…

I received this message a while back and have permission to share with you.

The words were too powerful to keep to myself.

May the words inspire all of us … to keep going.  We are worth it!  Our health is a blessing.

This letter is from the heart of one of our dancers.

Remember, YOU are the reason I love this thing called Zumba!


One of my favorite things about class is how incredibly hopeful and inspiring you and all the other women are to me and my life.

I didn’t want to come tonight. I was embarrassed that I had neglected my goal for the past several weeks.

I had let the stress of my situation get to me and cause me to make some unhealthy decisions. I haven’t been to the gym in weeks, and I started drinking soda again.

The scale is reflecting my choices. It has no choice. It is only doing its job.

What I am learning is it’s okay to fail, fall, and be totally off the mark  – as long as I don’t take myself out of the game altogether. And, it is so important to keep moving and not forget about the beautiful woman, the girl who loves to dance – even though sometimes she falters with the moves.

Zumba has been such a gift to me in my life this last year. I have fallen in love with a community of women who are going to bat all they can, plus a little bit more. I am inspired, encouraged, and accepted each and every time I lace up my sneakers and decide to show up and dance.

I am in your debt for being a leader that I can trust with my struggles and victories. I’m taking care of myself and doing a little better every day.

Thank you for the challenges, the dances to fund a cure for Cancer, and all the ways you have made Zumba as essential to my life as air.

It was good to be back tonight.



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