Bikini Buddy Signing In Together Challenge Winners…

It took some time, but I added up the number of times Bikini Buddy Challenge participants signed into Zumba together.

I told you that there would be a prize for the buddies that showed up the most.

The winners are………………………………..

Mary and Cathy!  If I added correctly, they showed up more than 24 times together during the challenge!

But, I also had two other buddies that came together more 15 times, Gina and Ruth!

And…Melissa and Bobbie D. were also together at Zumba almost as often as Gina and Ruth!

So – what does everyone win?

Well, it was a bikini challenge so each of the ladies will be getting a pair of Zumba’s brand-new item.  The newly released Zumba thong!

Okay, I’m kidding.  BUT, these really are a new item in the Zumba shop!

Mary and Cathy, you showed up the most = $20 shopping credit with me.

Gina and Ruth, you were so close as well = $15 shopping credit with me.

Melissa and Bobbie D. you can choose any two headbands that I currently have or choose $10 shopping credit!

That shopping credit can go towards any item I currently have (in my pink bin of clothes and items) or towards anything in the Zumba Shop.  I would like to order tomorrow by noon.  You may also choose to place the value toward a punchcard instead of purchasing a Zumba item.

Congratulations, ladies!

Now, who is ready for the next challenge?


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