Bikini Buddy Challenge Winners are…

Sorry, you have to read all of the post.

No cheating.  You can’t scroll to the bottom first!

28 of the 40 challengers weighed back in.

The 28 people who weighed back in lost a total of 158.5 pounds!  Wowza!

They also lost 75.75 inches from their waists.  I am ecstatic about this number!  The number one killer of U.S. women is heart disease!  Let’s get those inches off the waist!

Now, the drumroll please…………………………………………………………..

The Winners of the BIKINI BUDDY CHALLENGE are Mary Stevens and Cathy Hill!  Congratulations!  I will have your $200 prize when I see you next!

Their overall weight loss percentage was: 10.46%!  (Yes, this is a 3-peat for Mary!)

In 2nd place, Gina and Ruth with 7.43%. You were awesome, ladies!

In 3rd place, Annie and Pattie with 5.30%.  Wepaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

In 4th place, Kirsti and Holly with 4.44%.

Also, if this had been an individual competition (no buddies and weight loss only), Mary would have beat Cathy by a hair!  Ruth and Sheila were very close behind, along with Kirsti, Kelly, Pattie, Gina, Annie, and Bobbie D.

YOU ALL DID FANTASTIC!  REMEMBER- THAT NUMBER ON THE SCALE IS JUST THAT – A NUMBER!  KEEP ACTIVE AND FEELING GREAT!  I know that many of you saw just how many inches drop before the scale tells us anything.  🙂

If you are up for another challenge, I am happy to host one.  I hear rumors about another challenge with either buddies or teams?  You tell me what you want. 🙂

I will announce the buddies that showed up the most together during the challenge and their prize tomorrow! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bikini Buddy Challenge Winners are…

  1. Just read your blog Royale & I am really impressed. You really give it your all in everything you do! I think it’s great how you added challenges to your Zumba, bet it makes for alot of fun! Love, Marshmom! 🙂

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