Summer Punchcard ~ June-July-August

I’ve had some questions about the Zumba with Royale ~ Summer Punchcard.

The Summer Punchcard is for those that “burn” through their cards.

It’s my way of saying thank you for making a commitment to yourself and to me.

  • 20 classes are only $90.  That’s a $50 discount off the drop in price.
  • These cards are available now.
  • Yes, you can start using them a little early.  (I know.  It’s still May.)
  • Yes, you can buy one before your other card is done.
  • You may use it in either Hancock or Calumet.
  • Yes, you can “upgrade” if you recently purchased a card and didn’t notice the 20 punchcard summer deal.
  • You may use this for any class.*  (*- Not applicable to fundraisers or designated special classes.)
  • Yes, this special does expire.  You can buy this card until June 1st, 2012.  The 20 classes also expire at the end of August.

Thank you for the great questions!



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