Bikini Buddy Challenge

Bikini Buddy Challenge

I get a lot of requests to host the weight loss competitions.  Well…this time… there is a TWIST.  This is a challenge with a buddy!

“Rules” and “Regulations” and “Winning Criteria” for the 2012 Bikini Buddy Challenge :

1. No, you don’t have to wear a bikini to class.  It’s just a “clever name” for the contest because SUMMER is right around the corner.  (I swear…it’s almost here!)

2.  Yes, you have to find a “buddy” for this challenge.  If you are unsure of who to choose…feel free to join the challenge, and I will match you up with someone!  Or, you could ask someone at Zumba!

3.  No, both of you don’t have to attend Zumba, BUT you do have to come before or after a class to weigh in.

4. You have to find $5.  (You pay $5.  Your partner $5.  That’s $10 for your team.)

5.  You have to pay for entering the challenge the day/night you weigh in and are measured.  (Sorry, it’s been too difficult trying to keep track of when people pay, forgot to pay, etc.)

6. The winning team splits the jackpot.  So, if we have 30 teams x $10 per team – $300 – split is $150/person on the team.  (I’m hoping for a lot of teams, because normally, it’s $10 to enter…AND this contest is cheaper and this one is with a friend!)

7. The team that WINS the challenge has to lose the highest total as a weight loss percentage as a TEAM!

8.  I will also be tracking inches lost as a team.  There may be a special surprise if a team loses more inches than any other team.

9.  You are allowed to/should motivate and inspire your teammate to workout!  (Let’s go for a walk.  Put those chips down.  No, you should not eat the candy from the Easter Bunny.  Let’s go to Zumba together. (I really like that one.)Let’s try going for jog/run.  What are you cooking for dinner?  Let’s find a healthy recipe.  Did you drink enough water today?)

10.  No, you can not ALL partner up with Mary Stevens (winner of the last 2 challenges).

11. I’m trying to come up with a reward for the team that comes to Zumba together the most during the challenge…

12.  Challenge weigh in starts on Saturday, April 14th and ends Sunday, April 22nd.

13.  The CHALLENGE ENDS THE FIRST WEEK OF JUNE.  (I will have to give you dates and times to weigh back in when I have a schedule.)

14.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

15.  Ready, set, BIKINI!  (And, yes, I will be yelling, “BIKINI!” in Zumba on your “favorite” songs!)







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