Calumet BIG GYM ~ April and May

I am still working on April and May’s calendars, but I wanted to let everyone know that I do have some dates formally approved for the Calumet BIG gym @ Calumet High School!

So here are the Calumet BIG Gym times for April and May that have been approved ~ all times for the big gym in Calumet are 6:45 P.M. to 7:45 P.M.

April 10 (Tues), 12 (Thurs), 17 (Tues), 19 (Tues), 24 (Tues), 26 (Thurs).
May 1 (Tues), 3 (Thurs), 8 (Tues), 15 (Tues).

I will work on more times for Calumet in April and May.

I am also hoping to get approval for Wednesdays and Sundays in Hancock – as they are now – for both April and May.  (Wednesdays @ 6 @ Barkell Elementary and Sundays @ 4:30 @ Hancock MS/HS.)


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