Feet, back, hip…hurting?

These are the Spenco insoles that Zumba instructors have been talking about.

What are they saying about these?

  • They are replacing the insoles in their shoes with these and extending the life of their shoes.
  • They no longer have shin splints, hip pain, etc.
  • You can find them online, on Ebay or Academy, at Lady Foot Locker or Target (a similar brand), …
  • They vary in price from $10 – $20.
  • Buy several and rotate them in and out of your shoes frequently.

The insoles that are often provided in the shoes we work out in, do not have enough cushion or support.  If you are having any aches and pains (or want to make sure you never do), look into getting a great insole.  It’s worth the investment.


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