Z-Family Member of March is…

Congratulations to…

Tera Janke!

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Tera has been nominated every month.

Here are some of the kind words about Tera:

“I nominate Tera Janke. Tera and I began Zumba about the same time last February. She has set a goal, worked hard, stayed on track, and met her goal last month. She is kind-hearted, always knows what to say to make a person feel better, always smiling, and a good zumba role model. She is one that I am proud to call a friend, on and off the zumba floor…”

“She is at or near her goal weight and lives her life with such grace and ease. Raising her boys and taking good care of herself at the same time, and I know this has not been an easy road at times with many diet restrictions.”

Tera and I became friends after she joined Zumba last February.  Tera took a ride with me to a local fundraiser, and it was the first chance I had to really sit and talk with her at length.  After spending that day together, I knew that Tera was someone I would feel honored to have as a life-long friend.

Tera’s health journey is an amazing story, but since this post is a surprise…I will wait to see what I can add. 🙂

Tera, I am proud to name you the 1st Zumba with Royale participant for the month of March 2012!


2 thoughts on “Z-Family Member of March is…

  1. I too am impressed by her ability to make the time for herself in her busy life. She is an inspiration. When I can’t see Royale, Tera is who I watch on the floor. Waka Waka!

  2. Tera Is a big inspiration and warm hearted woman. I feel blessed to have her in my life. She gives the best back rubs even sweaty and all…She is a fun,caring,loving and wonderful person…wak a waka is her song and will always be for her 🙂 Congrats Tera you deserve this and so much more…Did I mention You look AWESOME!!! Your smile brightens the darkest days…thanks for the inspiration to keep going and the warm smile knowing im in the right place 🙂 love ya chica ❤

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