Calumet Location Unknown?

I apologize, but the Calumet location for Zumba with Royale is currently “up in the air” – for a lack of better words.

I don’t want to be unprofessional and get into the details, but I know that enough people were there to witness what happened.

This is not the first time, but rather the second time a similar incident has happened at this location.

I apologize, but I am choosing to no longer rent from this location after last night.

I know that this decision puts us in a predicament for the class at this time, but I had to stand up for what I believe is right.

There are right ways to treat people and vice versa.

Thank you for your understanding, and I promise that I am working on a solution to get us dancing as soon as possible.

Hancock classes on the March calendar are still a GO! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Calumet Location Unknown?

  1. Have you contacted the Calumet Elks?? We have a very large ballroom, it could be available depending on the day and time… I could help in this regard..

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