Questions about Pricing…including High School & Undergrad Students & Children

  • Q: How much is it to attend Zumba with Royale?
  • A:  At this time, I continue to offer the first time FREE*.

FREE* – If you are a current resident of Houghton or Keweenaw Counties.  Also, this does not apply to fundraisers or special events.  Originally, I offered the first class free because no one knew what Zumba was…I continue to offer the first class free, due to it’s popularity.

  • Q: How much does it cost to attend after the FREE session?
  • A: The prices vary at either $5, $6, or $7 per class – your choice… depending on if you decide to buy a punchcard or go with drop in rates.
  • Q: How do I buy a punchcard?
  • A: Simply pay either $50 (cash or check) or $36 at class, and you will own a punchcard for either 10 or 6 visits.
  • Q: Will my punchcard expire?
  • A: Yes, but only after 6 months.  (I offer around 20 classes per month.)
  • Q: What does “drop in” mean?
  • A: If you don’t want to commit to a punchcard, then you will pay a drop in rate of $7.
  • Q: Is there a special rate for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS?
  • A: Yes!  All high school students pay a drop in rate of $5.  They do not have to commit to a punchcard.  If they choose to get a punchcard, there is a new rate as of September 2012 ($40 for 10 classes).
  • Q: Is there a special rate for UNDERGRADUATE COLLEGE STUDENTS?
  • A: Yes!  With proof of ID, college students pay $6 to drop in.
  • Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
  • A: Cash, check, PayPal, and coming soon…credit card/debit payments in the near future!
  • Q: Can my child (12 and younger) come to Zumba and dance, and what will I pay?
  • A:  Yes.  I always tell people it is up to the individual child.  They, too, can try the class the first time for free.  If a parent/guardian decides to bring their child occasionally, they can take a punch off their own card.  OR a parent/guardian can purchase a card for their child (12 and younger) for $40 ($4/class) for 10 classes.  Parents/guardians are required to sign a waiver for their child.
  • Q: If I attend another Zumba instructor’s class, will the pricing be the same?
  • No.  Not necessarily.  All Zumba instructor’s run their own classes and individual businesses.  All Zumba instructors must be licensed by Zumba Fitness and have the ability to set their own prices.
  • Q: How did you decide to set your prices?
  • A: I strive to keep prices very reasonable.*
  •   *I have to take many things into account: rental fees, insurance fees, music, music systems, speakers, monthly fees, instructor clothes, shoes, advertising costs, punchcard purchases, business expenses, instructor trainings, travel costs, photocopying, website, time, etc.

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