Accurate Blood Pressure Readings?

I posted a blog a couple of weeks ago about taking blood pressure readings in both of your arms…and I’ve stumbled across some more interesting news related to blood pressure.

Information below from Mayo Clinic Embody Health.

It’s actually quite common to head to the doctor’s office and be surprised by high blood pressure.  In fact, it happens so often that it’s been called: White Coat Hypertension Syndrome.

Dr. Niiranen (Finnish researcher) and his colleagues found that taking your blood pressure at home is a better predictor of heart disease-related problems.

(The Finnish article is at: )

It’s thought that your blood pressure is often higher at the doctor’s office due to anxiety…and because it’s not a normal setting.

It’s very important for people with high blood pressure to have their own blood pressure cuff at home.  The article recommends taking your blood pressure throughout the day and logging your readings at home.

This can lessen the chances of receiving a misdiagnosis and/or starting an appropriate plan to meet your needs.




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