In conjunction with Calumet High School and Aspirus Keweenaw, Zumba with Royale is hosting a special 90-minute Zumba class to benefit the Keweenaw Health Foundation (KHF). The KHF is a local non-profit inspired by the people of our community. ALL monies raised at this event, will go to the cancer restricted fund to support cancer care for those in our community. PLEASE WEAR ANY COLOR YOU WOULD LIKE DESIGNATING SOMEONE THAT IS FIGHTING OR HAS FOUGHT CANCER TO HONOR THEM WHILE WE DANCE! $10.

Please find the article from the Daily Mining Gazette on February 11th, 2012 below:

CALUMET – For the third straight year, Calumet High School will host its Valentine’s Day “Massacure” Benefit for Cancer Care event, in an effort to raise thousands of dollars for local cancer care through the Keweenaw Health Foundation.

Tuesday’s 7 p.m. high school hockey game at Calumet Colosseum between the Calumet Copper Kings and Houghton Gremlins will be the featured event, but the event will continue throughout the week including Thursday’s 7:20 p.m. girls’ basketball game between Calumet and West Iron County.

“These pink jersey nights have become really popular throughout the sporting world, and especially in hockey it’s always a big thing,” Calumet High School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Sean Jacques said. “(When we started three years ago) Coach Crawford’s wife was going through breast cancer, and it just really made sense to put this on.

“Since the health foundation has been created – Matt Vertin is the director of that – he’s really worked to make it more of an event instead of just playing a game and giving them the money from the jerseys. … We make it happen athletically, but they’ve really been the big push to make it a big event,” Jacques added.

The first year the event raised $1,900 just with the auctioning off of pink jerseys worn by the hockey players during the game. Basketball was added as a bigger event last year, and combined with hockey, $4,100 was raised in 2011.

“The Keweenaw Health Foundation has been more than happy to help grow this event into where it is today. It really has taken on a life of its own now in its third year,” said Vertin, executive director of the KHF. “This year we have some new things we are doing that should really allow for us to raise the bar again.”

In addition to the silent jersey auction at the hockey game, players will sign autographs after the game of various items, such as photos, mini hockey sticks and trading cards.

“To take it one step further, we’ve done stuff around school,” Jacques said. “We’ve made this a week-long event in school, so the student council will sponsor some kind of contest to raise money. Those proceeds go (to the KHF) as well.”

Jacques and Vertin emphasized that all money raised will stay local through the KHF, and will be used toward cancer care of any type.

“Even though pink is the color for breast cancer, it was decided to use that color for the event because it is the most recognized color in cancer awareness,”?Vertin said. “The monies raised go into a restricted cancer fund that can only be used for cancer initiatives. And all the funds stay here locally to help our communities right here in the Keweenaw.”

Last year, for example, the Aspirus Keweenaw oncology program, within the Keweenaw Cancer and Blood Center, went through a major renovation to enhance patient comfort and care.

In addition to the money raised, Jacques encouraged fans of both teams at both Tuesday’s hockey game and Thursday’s basketball game to wear pink, creating a great environment for a great cause.

Major event sponsors include River Valley Bank, Aspirus Regional Cancer Center, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan, Range Bank, Aspirus Keweenaw Pharmacy, Center Ice Skate & Sport, Brockway Photography, Copper Island Printing, The Marketing Department, The Daily Mining Gazette and Mix 93 Radio.


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