Z-Stylin’ and Profilin’

I have a vivid memory from last summer.

I finished teaching a Zumba class at the Calumet High School gym and rushed home to get Mchalie and Ryan to make it to the parade that was coming through Laurium.

I was dripping in Zumba sweat, wearing lime green shoes, a neon yellow tank top, and bright blue Zumba pants.  You could spot me from a mile away.

Since I grew up here, many of my former classmates aren’t afraid to say things to me; sure enough, it wasn’t long before I heard, “Sweet outfit, Royale,” dripping with sarcasm.

But, you see, at that point, I had been wearing these brightly-colored Zumba clothes all over town for a year, so I said, “Thanks!”

Tonight … last night … the Superbowl Party … I look around our class and see brightly colored clothes, slashed shirts, and fun, creative outfits.  I love it!

The great thing is – you don’t have to throw your sweats away.  You don’t have to throw away your favorite t-shirt to work out in!  You can work out in whatever you want…You don’t have to wear the bright clothes to come to Zumba, but the fun part is…you can if you want.

Zumba is my “club”…it’s my “night out”…Zumba is my time to get creative and add a little personal flavor to my outfits (and sometimes my makeup and hair).

Now, If I wear hot pink, lime green, neon yellow, and sweatbands to my teaching job…well, that would be another story.

I wonder what the people around town think as they see all of these happy people dripping in sweat proudly displaying their colorful gear?

Maybe I’ll wear this one to class…and then to town!

(Picture below is from the 2011 Zumba Convention in Florida.  I was “tame” compared to some other outfits.  I think one of my favorite memories was that they failed to mention to the Vietnam Vets that the Zumba Convention was at the same time… I don’t know if they knew what to think about all of us.  One vet asked me, “Does your mother know you are wearing a tutu?”  They didn’t know we were going to a dance party featuring Wyclef under blacklights.)

Below:  As we returned from the concert, this sign was in the hallway but it originally read, “Pink Panthers ATTACK Zumba!”  The Pink Panthers were there for the Vietnam Vets gathering.


One thought on “Z-Stylin’ and Profilin’

  1. I love to have fun with what I wear to Zumba. I love my “jingle” bracelets and my latest addition, a plastic red and white star shaped ring. Thanks to Zumba, I can play “dress up” two days (or more) a week!!!!
    I also love having a great time with all my Zumba friends (:

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