Summer ~ Zumba at da Beach, eh!

This morning as I prepared for the student’s arrival, I was blessed to witness another beautiful sunrise — it made me start dreaming about summer.

One of my favorite memories from the summer of 2011 was Zumba at da Beach, eh.

The conditions were amazing — perfect summer evenings.

The location worked out well — my parent’s camp on Lake Superior.

The end of the workout was perfect — a dip in the lake afterwards.

I’m ready for more Zumba at Da Beach.

In fact, I am already planning/dreaming/scheming about more summer ideas.

I know many of you still enjoy Zumba in the summer, but you also enjoy some time outside…it’s a perfect combination when we mix the two!

Be ready for some impromptu Zumba sessions this summer and some other special events.

In fact, I’m hoping to link our other summer business (U.P. Event Rentals) to one of the events I am planning.

Dream. Summer. Zumba.

Until then…the memories…of the cool waters of Lake Superior after a workout on her shores…

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