Whittle Away the Waistline…

It’s so easy to think about heading to a Zumba class to whittle away the waistline.

And that is a nice benefit from dancing at Zumba.

Yet, in a previous blog, I told you that Zumba is about a lot more than losing weight.  I mentioned that it’s about a lot more than the numbers on the scale or the numbers around your waistline, and it is.

People don’t get hooked (or addicted) to participating in Zumba because they’ve lost/they’re losing weight.  Seriously.  If that were true, you’d catch me running on a treadmill eating leaves.

People get hooked on Zumba because of how it makes them feel.

Last year, unexpectedly, I started receiving “thank you” emails from participants…

I sincerely expected to open them and read about weight loss.

I was blown away…most of them barely mentioned their “numbers” at all.

In fact, most of the emails talked about other topics – high cholesterol, diabetes, heart issues, anxiety, depression, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), socializing, etc.

Here were these fantastic emails about reducing or completely eliminating medicines (of course, at the recommendation of doctors)…emails about fighting depression and anxiety…emails about making new friends…emails about doctors asking people, “What are you doing?  These changes to your ‘health’ numbers are amazing…”

I’m not telling you that Zumba is a cure-all.

I’m not asking you to make an appointment to see your doctor to quit prescribed medications.

I’m not telling you that Zumba will make your life perfect. (Okay…very close…wink.)

I just know it’s easy to talk about the numbers…

I know it’s easy to talk about whittling away the waistline…

I know the numbers on the scale are easy to focus on…

…BUT I don’t want us to FORGET all the other fantastic things that are happening around us.

So the next time you come to Zumba…you may notice how fantastic the people look…with those smiles plastered across their faces.


4 thoughts on “Whittle Away the Waistline…

  1. Thank you….My life is never gonna be the same….My half full glass is running over right now in a normal time of drought…the only thing I did this year I havent ever done….ZUMBA! I swear by it, its for ME!!! I take one hour a Zumba daily and I feel so much better….esp @ 6:01pm 🙂 and then again @ 7:00pm lol….the 59 minutes in between is pure fun,joy,relief and love every second of it!!! Thank you for bringing us ZUMBA up here Royale!!! I will continue to tell you “thank You for saving my life”!!

  2. I was just describing Zumba to someone on Sunday. I never used the words weight loss or waistline. I told them about how much energy I have when I leave the class. I told them it is the only exercise I have ever found that I can call fun!
    Thank you for making working out something to look forward to!

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