Cutting and Slashing Shirts???

You pay money for an official Zumba Fitness shirt or tank top and then you grab a pair of scissors and start to cut and slash away!

I know.  Terrifying, right?

But in the world of Zumba Fitness, it’s a fashion trend; it’s a statement – and it looks so amazing! (If you do it right!)

In all honesty, I have not been very brave…I envision cutting some of my Zumba clothes and then, I think…I just paid money for that shirt, and I’m not sure if I trust my cutting/slashing skills?

So – step #1 – Find an OLD t-shirt (yes, it’s fine to steal that ugly one that you really wish your significant other would FINALLY throw away, BUT I did NOT suggest it.)

Step #2 – Watch some videos on for directions.  (I did a quick search for “cutting zumba shirts” and found several fantastic tutorials.)

Step #3 – Practice … on an old shirt…or two…or three!

Step #4 – Cut and slash! (It doesn’t have to be the Zumba tank you love; maybe you want to go run to a local store and find a fun tank or shirt to practice on first…or if you’re brave…maybe you’ll go straight to your Zumba gear!)

Step #5 – Have a shirt cutting party!

I found some recent photos of some leading ZES (Zumba Education Specialists) in their cut/slashed gear.  I hope you find some inspiration (and the courage I’m still lacking) and cut/slash away!

These photos are the property of West on Jade Photography.  (She seems to get access to a lot of very exciting Zumba events!  Be sure to ‘LIKE’ her Facebook page.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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