February Z-Member of the Month is…



Here are some of the kind words about our very own, Dianne, from fellow Zumba family members:

“Dianne….Loved that she Zumba’d all the way through her pregnancy and right up front and center! When I first started, if I didnt know what to do I always looked at her to make sure I was doing the right moves! Even though I don’t know her all that well you can tell she’s a great person:)”

“Dianne!  She is our very first Zumba momma and blessed us with our very 1st Zumba baby, Quinn. She shows up to class with a smile on her face and leaves with a bigger one. She motivated me to keep coming (if a pregnant woman can do so can I). She is an amazing and strong woman. She makes me feel special and welcome…her laugh is contagious and true. I love the warmth she brings and makes you feel at ease. Dianne is wise beyond her years and down to earth. I’m grateful for having her in my ZUMBA life; I cant picture class without her. I missed her when she had to wait to return after having Quinn…I’m so glad she is back and just as uplifting as she was before she left. I can’t think of better parents Quinn….God sure knows Dianne is an ANGEL! I’m so proud of Dianne and her abilities. I believe she deserves Zumba person of the YEAR!!!”

“Dianne!  Her smile is contagious!  She is such a strong woman!”

What can I say about Dianne?  Again, I don’t know if words can describe how blessed I feel to have her as a part of my life.  She is a great friend.  If you read my post about our 1st Zumba baby, Quinn, you will read about how our paths may have crossed in Zumba but will permanently be joined from here on…

Dianne ~ I know this has been a trying time, but there are so many people that admire your strength and the person you are – including myself.  You have the “Zumba troops” with you every step of the way.

I am proud to name you the 2nd Zumba with Royale participant for the month of February 2012!


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