Our First Zumba Baby, Quinn Morgan

Dianne (Quinn’s mom) is a part of our Zumba Family.

I remember Dianne’s first time at Zumba.  At the time, I was teaching at The Summit (a gym in Houghton).  Dianne came and it just so happened that I made the official announcement that I would soon be leaving The Summit (in hopes to find a location closer to home).

I remember Dianne telling me that she was disappointed, because she knew that Zumba was something she wanted to continue, so she was hoping I would find a location soon.

Things worked out, and I was able to rent from the Laurium Wellness Center.  Dianne was a regular.  It did not take us long to become close friends.  It was “Friends at First Sight”!

Dianne even had a daughter, Paxtyn, close in age to Mchalie.  Mchalie and Paxtyn became friends as well.

When I found out Dianne was expecting, I was ecstatic!  It was our first Zumba baby!

Dianne received permission from her doctor and danced all the way through her pregnancy.

Our first Zumba baby, Quinn Morgan, was born on September 16, 2011.

Quinn is beautiful and I look forward to her being a part of our lives; she is true angel and also a strong girl.  She has experienced some challenges – including Hirschsprung’s Disease – for which she recently had surgery and even more recently had to be sent back to the Milwaukee Children’s Hospital for some concerns.

I asked Dianne for permission to write a little bit about Quinn.  Dianne, and the rest of her family, have been dealt quite a bit in the last several months.  I believe in the power of positive thoughts and prayer.  Please keep Quinn and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  I’m positive Quinn will be shaking it in class in a couple of years – she probably already knows the moves!

Paxtyn and Mchalie playing in a “tent”…

Play date!


We’re so cool in our shades (Quinn is in this picture, too)!

Mchalie giving kisses to Quinn.


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