New Year’s Resolutions…?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

However, I do take time to reflect on the changes I want to make; I also set personal goals for the year and write them down. (I read somewhere that if you write your goals and keep them visible, you’re more likely to accomplish them.)

Here are some of my health goals related to eating and drinking:

  • To eliminate my daily Diet Coke consumption (1 can).
  • To eliminate my use of Ranch (dipping, salads, etc.)
  • To eliminate adding cheese to everything (and I mean a lot!)
  • To eliminate eating pizza every Friday (and sometimes Saturday).
  • To reduce my chocolate intake (unless absolutely necessary – ha!)

I was addicted to Diet Coke…

and Ranch…

and cheese…

and pizza…

with a side of chocolate.

Now, in my mind I consumed these things sparingly (but it was probably more than I should.)

(Please notice I’m using the past tense.)

I told myself that on January 1st, I would begin to eliminate these things from my life.

Yet, I’ve given myself permission to make a mistake; otherwise, I would just want everything more and set myself up for failure.

I haven’t been perfect (I had 2 days where I had a Diet Coke and ate pizza), but I’ve forgiven myself when I’ve “fallen off the wagon” and jumped back on immediately.

Now, it’s been 18 days, and it’s going well. I realize how conscious I am about what I’m eating and drinking.

Only time will tell…

Baby steps…

… baby steps

……….baby steps.

What are you health goals?  Did you make any this year?  Or will you?


One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions…?

  1. Ive given up diet soda and im trying to eat more clean….failing on the clean but im not giving up. Try try again is what i’ll do after all I am Human and have wants…Im not a quiter not on my health. This year is for a healthier,happier me year!!! Thanks Royale for the push and guidance…you inspire me to want to achieve this goal more ever day…The Zumba make me feel healthier and happier every time I go…. Just remember its ok to mess up as long as you give yourself permission to do so and forgive yourself for the mess up you did, That has givin me in May will be 3yrs smoke free….Heres to healthier and joyful year!!!

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