Just Do IT with a Buddy!

What did you think this post was going to be about?

It’s about working out with a buddy!

The benefits of working out with someone are numerous.  When you find someone to work out with you, it can be the absolute KEY to keeping and maintaining your fitness goals.

A friend will challenge you, motivate you, encourage you, and remind you to have fun!  Fitness should be fun!

And, you don’t want to let your friend down – do you?  Because there will be times when it’s easier to NOT work out … but you will be accountable to your friend and therefore more accountable to yourself!

Who can be your fitness buddy?  Believe it or not…it may not be your best friend.  You truly want to pick someone who has a similar schedule and will be motivated to work out.  You also want someone who will be honest with you about getting fit…someone you can share your fitness goals with.

Who should you NOT choose as your fitness buddy?  Someone (even if it’s your best friend) who complains and whines and takes the positive energy away from your work outs.

Of course I want you at Zumba.  But find work outs that are best for you and your partner in health!  Try new healthy activities together.  For example, meet up to do new activities and try other fitness classes.

WHAT IF YOU DO NOT (AND CAN NOT) FIND A FITNESS PARTNER?  I have NUMEROUS people who come to Zumba alone…but it isn’t long before they meet and make their fitness friends…the other people who come to class.  In fact, I would call the people that I have met through Zumba some of the greatest friends and people I have in my life.

I promise you – alone, or with a buddy – you will be accepted with open arms.

After all, we are all there with the same goals in mind – fun and fitness!

But once you find that perfect fitness buddy…be sure to hang on to them…and keep them motivated!

*P.S. I keep THINKING ABOUT BEACH ZUMBA!  Are you ready for Beach Zumba 2012? I am!


One thought on “Just Do IT with a Buddy!

  1. I have several Zumba fitness buddies…But who keeps me really Motivated and wanting to push is our faithful leader!!!! She’s always there…. Thanks Royale!

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