Top 10 Reasons to Come to Zumba with Royale

  1. Just come to dance, enjoy some great music, and have fun!
  2. Don’t worry about getting all of the moves the first time…or the second…or the third…. they will come ~ and you will hear songs again (in fact, don’t be afraid to request a song!)  And remember, there is no RIGHT WAY to dance.  We ALL have our own sense of style.  Zumba is like a party so LET LOOSE! 🙂
  3. Don’t be intimidated.  We are all there for the same reason…to dance and get a great workout in at the same time.  No one is there to rate who the best dancer is.  We have a great sense of a community – we’re in it together! 🙂  I guarantee you will make new friends!
  4. This is a place to support each other in whatever our personal goal is…whether it’s to dance, to get out for a while, to get in shape, to laugh with great people, … Plus, Zumba is EXERCISE IN DISGUISE!
  5. ROYALE makes mistakes and forgets moves (Yes, I usually cringe and yell, “Oops!  Sorry!” And then I notice that the class usually just kept going with the right moves anyhow! 🙂 )
  6. Did I mention, “Just come to dance, enjoy some great music, and have fun!”  IT’S ALSO A GREAT TIME TO DE-STRESS!
  7. Send me a personal message ( or on my personal facebook page Royale Walter)…tell me what you’re nervous about…it’ll help, I promise.  This is a fun, fresh new way to get in your cardio!  Forget the treadmill and the gym and staring at the clock…you’ll forget where the hour went when you’re at Zumba!
  8. I often hear, “I can’t move like the girls on TV.”  Ummmm, neither do I!  They are professional dancers with hips like JELLO!  I mean I try the best I can and that’s the best we can all give, right?  Zumba will help you increase your confidence and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be so happy you did!
  9. Did I mention that we are all there to support each other and to have some fun!  Plus, you’ll get a Zumba Shower (AKA – sweat!)  Zumba is for everyone!
  10. Did I mention, “Just come to dance, enjoy some great music, and have fun!”  REMEMBER, YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE SO YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

*I cheated and used a previous note I had on Facebook from January 28th, 2011.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons to Come to Zumba with Royale

  1. Zumba is like riding a bike….the more you do it the more comfortable you get…even a little more daring you might start hooting and hollering to let lose an extra bit of stress…Its a great detox for your soul…

  2. de-stress–yes! oh, and sorry if i gave/give anyone else a zumba shower when royale tells us to “get crazy!” heehee. 😉

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