Just Call Me Richard.

Just call me Richard.

Richard Simmons.

Yes, THE Richard Simmons ~ American Fitness personality and one of our country’s fitness experts.

Maybe the Universe tries to tell us things…and we don’t listen or remember…for a while!


The other day, my grandma was visiting, and we were looking through my old photo albums together.

All of a sudden, we came across a picture in a photo album from high school.

There I was, as…Richard Simmons!

I kid you not!

In a flash, memories that had been dormant, were suddenly revived!

The pictures were from a leadership conference, Girls’ State, for high school girls (11th grade).  At the conference, our “city” (group of girls) had to do a skit.  I don’t remember all of the details, but I do remember being chosen to lead the group as Richard Simmons.

I led the girls in exercises and near the end one of the girls came running forward in her metallic outfit trimmed in pink.  She hugged and thanked me for saving her life because she lost weight with Richard.

These memories led to another memory…6th grade.  My class was at Camp Nesbitt for several days. There I was with some classmates on stage…you guessed it…I was Richard Simmons making everyone workout.  I remember winning “best skit”  and “most enthusiastic” (this has to be on video because our teacher, Mr. Edwards filmed our events at Nesbitt.)


I chuckled after “accidentally” finding these photos (Yes, I will share some…but the quality isn’t the best because I can’t scan right now.)

It took randomly pulling out some photos to even remember “being” Richard.

My husband even affectionately (I hope) calls me Richard when I leave to teach Zumba with my brightly adorned outfits and headbands.  Yet, it never triggered a memory before I saw the photos.

Maybe the Universe tries to tell us things…long before they happen.

I always knew I wanted to be an educator.

I guess the Universe always knew I wanted to be Richard.

Above: I even had a red tank top, knee-high socks, a towel, and fake chest hair!

Above: Some great “Richard” moves!

Above: The girl in the metallic outfit thanking me for saving her life.

Above: After the skit.  I remember I could not get the chest hair (brown permanent marker) washed off for a while.


3 thoughts on “Just Call Me Richard.

  1. Im glad the Richard in you came out!!! I dont even know where to start with chest hair,short shorts and that VOICE…so Ill leave that alone…and say thank you stars for lining up and giving us ROYALE!! our very own Richard!!!!

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