It was all an accident…

…or was it?

It was Spring Break of 2010.

I was visiting with my mother-in-law in Ionia.

“I want to take you to this workout class called Zumba,” my mother-in-law told me.  “It’s a lot of fun, and it’s dancing.”

At this point, my daughter was over a year old, and I was still struggling to lose  the “baby weight”…and the new elliptical in my living room was doing a nice job of collecting dust and drying clothes.  (Even though I had promised I would use it if we made the investment.)

“I’ll try it,” I told my mother-in-law.  “But I didn’t bring anything to wear.”

Little did I know, she already had a pair of shoes ready (there goes that excuse), and I was able to piece together a workout outfit.

“Off we go to this thing called Zooombra, Zimbabwe, or something like that,” I told my hubby.  “Get ready to call 911 because I’m going to need a WAhhhhmbulance when I get back.”


We signed into class, and I insisted we find a spot near the back left corner (second to last row) and by the wall.  The people started to trickle in.  What was I thinking?

The instructor proudly displayed her bright, colorful Zumba gear, put a big smile on, faced us, and cranked the jams…Latin music, African music,Beyonce, and Shakira…THIS was Zumba???


An hour later AND…I survived!  I was definitely out of shape, but I survived.  I talked to the instructor after class and left thinking, I love this.  I want to do this again.  I want to do this back home!  That was a hard workout.  Actually, now I’m not sure what to think?  I kinda love to hate that it kicked my butt! Do I actually enjoy this thing called Zumba?  I think I do.


“Well…” my husband asked.  “How did it go? Do you still need an ambulance?”

“What do you think about leaving around 10 tomorrow instead of 8, so I can go to Zumba in the morning?”

“Wow, you must have liked it!  Maybe you should become an instructor.  You love to dance,” my hubby joked.

“Actually, I’m thinking about it…” I answered. (The look on his face was priceless.)

“You should,” he answered seriously.  “But, really, I bet you’re going to become an instructor in your spare time,” he said with a grin.

Little did he know…


…May 2010 ~ I held a Zumba Instructor license in my hand.

And…I wouldn’t change a thing about the day my mother-in-law convinced me to go to this thing called Zumba.


3 thoughts on “It was all an accident…

  1. I could just hug your mother in-law to death…I appreciate her getting you so hooked!!! its a gift she has given us all THANK YOU MRS. WALTER!!!!

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