To host a Weight Loss Challenge or not?

Sometimes, I wonder if I should host a weight loss (highest percentage) challenge.


First of all, Zumba really isn’t about the numbers on the scale.  I mean…of course it is, but yet it isn’t.  But that’s another blog.

The truth. I didn’t own a working scale until I hosted the September 2011 challenge.  I don’t know why.  I just didn’t own one.  I don’t think it’s terrible to step on a scale once in a while.  And I don’t think it’s terrible to not step on a scale either.  I just want everyone to remember it’s about more than just a number on the scale.

Second, I worry about people making only temporary changes or going to extreme measures to win a competition that lasts a little over a month.  That’s not the point either.  Those actions usually tend to create more problems.

The truth. Studies show that people are driven by competition.  With that said, I hope the weight loss competition inspires everyone to challenge their number one competitor most fiercely – THEMSELVES! (But who am I kidding…a little friendly competition with a cash reward is a nice incentive! I know that a cash reward and a little friendly competition may be the kicker I would need to keep me going or inspire me to get going in the first place.)

The other truth.  There are also studies that suggest rewards promote only short-term success.  I don’t want the changes that people make during the challenge to be short-lived.  I hope the changes made during the competition are both inspirational and motivational … to keep going…better yet… that the changes are permanent and life-altering.

Whether you decide to join the weight loss challenge is up to you.  I run the challenge and hand over all of the money to the winner, so that it hopefully inspires healthy, long-term changes in all of you.

So, here I am, officially running the 4th Zumba with Royale Weight Loss Challenge! May the challenge be the start (or continuation) of the journey that keeps you on the road to a healthier and happier you!


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