January Z-Family Member of the Month is…


Bobbie Jo was nominated by MANY  of you.  Her presence (and absence…the three times she’s missed since March?) is felt!

Here are some of the kind words about our girl, Bobbie Jo, from fellow Zumba family members:

“Bobbie Jo ~ she is awesome!”

“Bobbie Jo!!! Class just doesn’t seem the same without her. She has so much enthusiasm and is such a great leader! I know I watch her when I am unable to see you, lol! Although I don’t know her all that well, she has always been super friendly and the kind of person that makes you feel welcome.”

“Bobbie Jo. The best thing is if I am having or had a bad day, I can stand near her and immediately feel the excitement for this class. She is so sweet.”

“I’d like to nominate Bobbie Jo. She is so dedicated, motivated and inspirational.”

Here’s what Bobbie Jo posted on her Facebook wall yesterday:

“GOOD MORNING!!!! Yep, still morning.  I’m excited what the new year has to bring…out with the old and in with the new…I’ve been blessed this year with my health improving…A GREAT BIG THANKS to my ZUMBA FAMILY…and weight watchers. I’ve lost 55 lbs this year… hoping for another 55….I can’t thank Heather enough for inviting me to a class taught by Royale which I told Royale I will probably never come back it hurt my knees too much…needless to say I never left..I’ve also taken classes with Adria and Melanie and Holly…I’m not an addict….I’m so blessed to have 2 Zumba families taught by two wonderful woman thank you ROYALE and ADRIA!!! My life will never be the same… COME ON 2012!!! I PRAY EVERYONE HAS A SAFE AND WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!!!”

What can I say about Bobbie Jo?  I don’t know if words can describe how blessed I feel to have her as a part of my life.  She is so kind and sincere…hard-working..dedicated…and most importantly, I get to call her my friend (and assistant – who would keep me organized?)

Laurie kept it short and sweet and responded to Bobbie’s post perfectly, “Bobbie, you are beautiful inside and out! I love you, my friend! ♥”

Bobbie Jo, I am proud to name you the 1st Zumba with Royale participant for the month of January 2012!


One thought on “January Z-Family Member of the Month is…

  1. Wow is all I can say….And of course THANK YOU! two words that for most is easy to say. I appreciate the kind words everyone has said. I feel welcomed and loved @ Zumba with Royale a family I love to hang out with. Zumba is a part of my life and Im thankful for Royale. If it wasnt for her getting trained and becoming our faithful leader I dont know where Id be. I cant say Id have as much joy and dedication to a weight loss system. Its more then losing 55lbs it is the health I gained,strength,confiendence,inner beauty,love for myself and most of all the life long friendships I gained Im blessed. My life will never be the same and Im ok with that……ZUMBA LOVE!!! ~ Bobbie Jo

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